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The Ugly Truth About galaxy s3 battery drain fast

The Ugly Truth About galaxy s3 battery drain fast

With the latest Galaxy S3 arriving in the United States, I thought I would give my Galaxy S3 what I consider to be the best battery life. And I’ve kept it that way for quite some time now.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but a battery’s life is determined by how fast it uses a charge. Your Galaxy S3 is using a micro-USB connector, which means you’re draining your battery in 2-3 hours. For comparison, an iPhone 3G using a proprietary connector (the 3rd-gen one) will take around 9 hours on a charge.

The Galaxy S3 is the first Galaxy phone that has a micro-USB connector so there is a bit of a problem here, but it may be that a proprietary connector is slower. If youre just getting ready to buy the phone, I dont think the Galaxy S3 is the best phone to buy. However, it is a very good phone for those who are already buyers.

The battery drain is a problem, but you can prevent it from happening if you use a USB cable that has a micro-USB socket. Samsung has included a USB cable that allows you to charge your S3 phone using a micro-USB socket.

The micro-USB socket on the bottom of the cable is a cheap way to get out of a USB cable. But it is more than that. The socket on the bottom of the S3 cable lets you charge the phone while you are using a cable. This is like using the micro-USB socket of your laptop. You can charge your laptop while it is in a USB port, and then you can use the laptop as a USB hub to charge the laptop.

This is how we get our own home from Microsoft’s new Home. When we first set up a new Home, the name of the new Home was: Home. It’s a little scary because we’ve got a new Home, and that’s all it is.

There are a variety of new Home systems that are coming out next year, and each of these systems are going to be able to charge your phone for you. This is because the new Home takes over the space of the old Home. As the old Home is dead, its basically just a giant USB drive that you can plug in your laptop.

We got a chance to test out the new Home and its battery life. We were also able to try out the new Home’s flashlight and it seemed to work just fine. The only issue we ran into was that the flashlight was a bit too bright. It was, however, very easy to find the right brightness setting. The only other thing I can think of that may cause an issue is using the new Phone while using your new Home.

The new phone is a nice touch, but it does have one major flaw: It’s extremely slow. Galaxy S3’s LTE network is the fastest in the industry. If the phone is running at 100% capacity, it can download all of a device’s data at a rate of around 30MB per second. With the new Home you can download the entire device in about 1.5 hours. This is faster than the Apple iPhone, which is usually about 5 hours.

This is not the only thing that makes the new Phone slow. The new phone is also incredibly heavy. The battery is the same size as the original S3, which is a whopping 1,900mAh (which is just under the iPhone’s 4,000mAh). This battery is large enough to last about 30 days on a single charge. If you have a 5,000mAh battery, you can expect to need to charge the new phone at least twice a day.


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