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best tablet for gaming 2016

I am a big fan of the iPad as a gaming device. I love the physical size, sleek design, and the ease with which it can easily be set up on the couch. The fact that it is also light enough to carry anywhere adds to its appeal too.

The iPad is more than just a PC gaming machine. If you are a serious gamer and use multiple devices at the same time, there is a good chance you already own a tablet. As a gamer, you tend to have to be very careful because most of the apps on the iPad are extremely buggy and do not always run smoothly.

If you are really serious about gaming, then you probably need to get yourself a Mac or Windows PC. If you are in that camp and you don’t already own a tablet, you might consider getting one of the tablets we listed above, at the very least. The reason for this is that many of these tablets run on Windows or Mac OS X, which means you can get Android apps for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Some of the apps on the market are definitely not for the very serious gamer, but the apps that are for a casual gamer are definitely for the casual gamer. I mean, how many of us actually play a game on our tablets? Some of them are actually fun, but most of them are just so stupid that it makes no sense for any of us to play in them.

I agree. It’s kind of a shame because, if you want to play a game on a computer, you can get a good tablet with a good processor, but on a tablet with a decent processor you’re just going to be so stupid that you can’t see it.

The biggest offender in this category, and the one that most likely won’t get you to switch to a tablet (unless you just absolutely love playing games on your tablet) is Angry Birds. So much so that I’ve started to refer to them as “Angry Birds-killer” tablets. I mean, I love the games, but the apps just aren’t worth it for me. I’m on a laptop with a good processor.

The issue is that Angry Birds is simply a tablet game. They have a better graphics performance than a tablet game but they still just won’t be worth it for you. You would have to be really hardcore to get a tablet that can do Angry Birds with a good performance.

You definitely do want the best performance for your tablet. But I find that when I play Angry Birds on my tablet, it just isn’t as good as when I use an actual tablet. So I play games on my tablet with an emulator or my phone. The emulator doesn’t have the same performance but I don’t care because I can play games on my phone.

I have seen this a lot on this site, but I am one of those people who are happy to be able to play Angry Birds with my phone. Its easier to play Angry Birds on your phone than on a tablet because it allows you to have the same level of control over your device. The downside to this is that the tablet does not have the same amount of screen real estate as the phone.

The tablet is right up there with the Nexus 7 as my favorite tablet for gaming. It has a large display, lots of ports, runs Android, is comfortable to carry, and is very easy to set up and tear down. It has great build quality and is very sturdy. Its not the best tablet for gaming in the tablet market, but it does have its place.


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