Path Receives Security Update
By Fred Salva

If you are concerned about Path application and its security ? don?t be. The good news is that Path creators have got this application updated and now everything?s under control. Moreover, you will find a couple of bug fixes which can?t be bad, right? Also, as noted on Path blog: ?We take privacy and security seriously, and we believe your data deserves to be well-protected. That?s why, with the release of Path 2.1.1, we are enhancing our security by hashing user contact data so that it is anonymized. This means last names, phone numbers, email addresses, Twitter handles and Facebook IDs. We collect this data to connect you with those who are closest to you. We hope our actions set a new standard in this field as we strive to serve you, our users, first. Thank you for your trust, and thank you for using Path.? So, if your device is running Android and you want to enjoy all the Path?s beauties, you can do it anytime without being concerned about its security cause everything was taken care of.

Customer Comments
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