Jerry Carrion

Jerry Carrion

Have been in the cell phone news business not that long but I have been dealing with cell phones ever since the days Zack Morris had his on Saved by the Bell. My dad had the same model Zack had and ever since then I have lived and breathed anything mobile. My first mobile was a Motorola StarTac, oh yeah that made me a high roller then. My current daily driver is the HTC Evo but am always testing the latest in smartphones so who knows what phone I might be testing. Ever since working with Cellphonetrek for the last 3 years, it has been an eye opening experience into the mobile industry. I have learned more about the inner working for large telecommunication companies than I think the CEOs of those companies probably know.

I look forward to continue growing with the company and what it has to offer. Please feel free to ask any question you may have about a news article I have written in the comments and I will personally respond. In my personal life I am celebrating the birth of my first child a wonderful baby boy, who is so lucky to have a dad like me. I know I won't be that typical dad that doesn't know anything about the latest technology being released. I enjoy working on cars as a hobby and when not fixing my wife's cell phone when she drops it you can find me under the hood of my brand new Jetta.

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